we're keen to make each entity a safer place by providing the best products and the smartest solutions. we are a multinational corporations offering cross-border security solutions to middle east Africa region.

Industries We Cover:

- Aviation

- Construction

- Oil & gas 

- Education & medical institutions

- Hospitality 

- Tourism & many more


Why Areej?


15+ years of experience at the market

high quality .png

High quality of devices attested by international quality certificates


After-sale maintenance

authorized distributor.png

Authorized distributor of top security equipment manufacturers

convenient locations.png

Convenient locations with easy access


Own manufacturing facility for tailored kiosks


Extended warranty up to 5 years


5,000 sq. ft. of fully-loaded warehouse

service center.png

Service center for repair and exchange


Around 600 items in the product list

knowledge station.png

knowledge station for free customer training


More than 50 major enterprise projects

Convenient locations.png

Convenient locations with easy access


5 Showrooms


5,000 sq. ft. of fully-loaded warehouse

Professional Services

What We Provide

Standing Meeting

We are happy to provide you with all detailed information on our products and to match the best suitable option for you.

Architecture Illustration

Developing small, medium and enterprise projects

Couple and Architect

Customizing security solutions upon your needs. We have established a R&D center to meet any requirements of the potential customer. Among the latest tailored projects is a ticketing system for Louvre Abu-Dhabi, E-traffic system, smart inspection device that can be used at airports, embassies, sports stadiums and other check-point locations.

Hands Drilling

For most products, we do installation right on the next day. Our professionals we’ll carefully mount and set everything needed to make the product work properly.


As a separate line of activity, our R&D team is set to develop interactive terminals upon customer specifications. Nowadays, they are becoming increasingly popular in public agencies, train stations, airports, museums, banks etc. It will be our pleasure to craft a new one specially for you!


on the same day. We will timely deliver any purchased item to your door with no charge.


In our company we set up a special training center to implement ‘Do It Yourself’ mentality. After purchasing a product, we won’t let you deal away with it on your own. Our experts will be happy to teach you everything you need to know, to show in details how to properly use it and to provide necessary technical support.


To let our customers be on the safe side, we sign an annual maintenance contract. Our technicians will be there for you to make sure that your device or system is in working order.